Leadership Curriculum - Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

UCL Institute of Education – Leadership CoLab

01. All NPQML and NPQSL participants must apply to, and be accepted by, the principal licenced provider, UCL Institute of Education Leadership CoLab, to take up a place on the programme, even if they intend to work with a regional cluster or partner organisation.

02. All NPQH participants must successfully complete the Gateway entry assessment to take up a place on the programme with the principal licenced provider (“the provider”), UCL Institute of Education Leadership CoLab.

03. In submitting an application for consideration, applicants agree that information provided is true and accurate.  Any attempt to supply false or knowingly misleading information may result in a forfeit of programme fees paid, withdrawal from the programme or other appropriate action.

04. By accessing the online resources, or attending a face-to-face session, participants will have tacitly accepted a place on the programme and all terms & conditions associated with the programme.

05. Participants are entitled to a 14day ‘cooling off’ period from accepting their place on the programme, within which to withdraw from the programme without charge. If withdrawing within 2 weeks of commencing the programme, participants will be liable for a £50 administrative charge.

06. Participants cannot transfer their place on the programme to any other person under any circumstances.

07. Participants cannot transfer their place to another programme. Should a participants wish to change programmes due to a change in their personal circumstances, they should contact the provider.

08. Participants will be provided with access to online resources for the start of the programme and for 3 months after programme completion.

09. Programme fees will be invoiced at the beginning of the programme, and payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the provider. A participant's workplace will be invoiced by default unless otherwise notified when requested. Leadership CoLab reserves the right to suspend or cancel a participant's place on the programme for non-payment of programme fees. 

10. Participants are entitled to request a period of deferment / interruption in exceptional circumstances; for example, sickness, close family sickness, bereavement, maternity/paternity leave, or other exceptional reason. Approved deferment will extend the programme completion date by the period of agreed deferment.

11. Participants wishing to withdraw from the programme must provide a reason in writing. Participants may be subject to cancellation or withdrawal fees. Furthermore, part or all of an awarded scholarship may have to be repaid to NCTL if appropriate. The provider reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee commensurate with length of time completed on the programme and to cover any administration charge. There are no refunds of programme fees paid if a participant withdraws during the course of the programme.

12. It is the responsibility of participants and / or associates to inform the provider and the assessment centre of any changes or amendments to personal circumstances and / or contact details.

13. Participants and associates agree not to duplicate, share or in any other way infringe on the copyright of any programme materials or content without the express permission of the copyright holder.

14. NPQML & NPQSL Participants registered with a regional cluster, should attend all available face-to-face sessions at that cluster. Only with express permission from the provider, may a participant attend face-to-face sessions at another cluster or centrally at UCL Institute of Education.

15. Participants are responsible for managing their attendance of face-to-face sessions. Failure to attend a booked session or failure to cancel a booking without sufficient advance notice, may incur the following charge: failure to attend or cancel booking within 24hours of session date and time; £50, failure to cancel booking within 10 days of session date; £25, cancel booking in excess of10 days of session date; no charge. Consideration will be given to exceptional circumstances (e.g. Ofsted, sickness). The provider reserves the right to cancel a face-to-face session, up to 5 days before the due date, with no financial penalty for either party.

16. Participants are responsible for tracking their progression and completing the programme within the allotted timeframe. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of participants to inform their provider that they have received all required learning and are ready to enter the final assessment phase.

17. Participants are responsible for managing the booking of, and submission for final assessment with the external assessment provider and adhering to their terms & conditions.

18. Successful applicants implicitly agree to their contact details being shared with their chosen local cluster leader to administer delivery of the programme.  


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