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The London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL) is the UK’s largest Higher Education centre for research, development and teaching in educational leadership, innovation and impact. Our expertise spans educational leadership and development, school system reform, school improvement and evidence-informed practice.

All our work aims to:

  • Develop criticality: Build evidence-based, theory-informed and innovative approaches to policy and practice.
  • Deepen learning: Broaden perspectives and forge connections between theory, policy and practice.
  • Nurture collaboration: Encourage shared thinking within and between communities of learners.
  • Activate knowledge: Develop and mobilise knowledge and understanding within organisations and systems.
  • Enhance equity: Promote understanding about and action around equity and social justice.

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School Reform in Shanghai & London: Learning The Lessons

LCLL Annual Lecture


Professor Toby Greany, Director, LCLL UCL Institute of Education


Professor Minxuan Zhang, Research for International & Comparative Education, Shanghai Normal University


Dr John Jerrim, Reader UCL Institute of Education & Pro-Vice Provost - International, UCL

Dr Karen Edge, Reader UCL Institute of Education & Pro-Vice Provost - International, UCL

13th June 2016



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Closing equity gaps between children from different socio-economic groups, while improving performance overall, remains the fundamental challenge for education systems around the world. This requires area-wide approaches that improve all schools across a locality, so that the success of one school is not simply the result of failure in another nearby.

LCLL’s 2016 annual lecture seeks to learn from Shanghai’s exceptional performance in PISA and the strategies that enabled this. Professor Minxuan Zhang is Director of the Research Institute for International and Comparative Education at Shanghai Normal University and has been one of the key architects of the city’s education reform approach.

Responses from Dr John Jerrim and Dr Karen Edge will enable us to reflect on and compare Shanghai’s journey with London’s improvement from the early 2000s onwards and to debate wider issues, such as the pros and cons of international education benchmarking via PISA. Dr Edge has recently completed an ESRC-funded study of young leaders in global cities, including London. Dr Jerrim is leading the analysis of the UK’s performance in PISA 2015 and has recently completed an analysis of Shanghai’s performance.

The risks of policy borrowing from so called ‘high performing jurisdictions’ are widely acknowledged. This event will allow a deeper assessment drawing on two contrasting examples of urban improvement and an interrogation of the research, policy and practice issues involved.

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