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Leadership CoLab is a partnership between UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and over 200 outstanding schools and partners. As the largest National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) provider for the National Professional Qualifications, Leadership CoLab spans London, the South-East of England  and beyond as well as catering for international participants. Through Leadership CoLab, you will be afforded the opportunity to build and develop lifelong networks with colleagues across phases and settings. With a proven history of delivering exceptional context-based and school-led leadership, Leadership CoLab provides world-class support at every stage of your leadership development.


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Why choose National Professional Qualifications with Leadership CoLab?


  • Gain national recognition for your work.

  • Opportunity to network with colleagues from our diverse partnership of over 200 schools from all phases (both primary and secondary teaching schools) including mainstream, academies, grammar, special, urban, rural, faith and federated.

  • Led by serving headteachers or senior school leaders, experienced facilitators, and contributions from world-renowned academics at IOE.

  • Develop your knowledge, understanding, skills, and awareness of the role within the context in which you work and in other settings.

  • Face-to-face sessions, online resources and application in school. Contextualised research-informed modular programmes with flexible face-to-face session choices including twilights, weekdays and Saturdays in prime locations around the regions.
  • School based project(s) enabling you to apply your  leadership skills and impact pupil outcomes in your setting. Evidence suggests that outcomes from projects have been recognised in Ofsted reports.

  • Attend face-to-face sessions centrally or at your local cluster.

  • Opportunity to gain masters accreditation and access post-graduate provision.

  • Access to world-class research of leading academics from IOE as part of Leadership CoLab (IOE has been ranked number 1 in the world for education four years running (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 QS World University Rankings).

  • Engage with London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL) resources and programmes.

  • Bespoke 360 Diagnostic survey: a peer-led analysis of your leadership style and objectives providing the foundations for your targeted leadership development.

  • Leadership CoLab Governance Board which is comprised of school leaders to provide strategic direction.



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"I just wanted to let you know, now that I have passed my NPQH (hurray!), some feedback as an international candidate. As an international candidate, the initial Webex worked really well, as did the face to face workshops in Dubai.

I gained an awful lot from these, and think that they were an integral part in my development and eventual success. Particularly useful were the discussions on current UK policy and practice, and being able to make reference to this in my final interview.

The work placement, whilst a little tricky, with me having to fly to a different country to do it (from Egypt to Abu Dhabi), ended up working out well. I was concerned that not being able to go into the school on a weekly/regular basis might be a real hurdle, but in fact it was manageable and indeed successful. I made 2 visits and had several Skype meetings to achieve my outcomes.

I was very nervous about starting the programme as an international candidate and possibly being at a disadvantage, but now that I have completed the programme, I can give you reassurances that it is manageable for NPQH candidates and works well. I hope that this information is of use and do let me know if you would like any further feedback.

Thank you for the sessions that you led as part of this course, and of course to my amazing mentor Martyn – he was an outstanding support and resource to me throughout! Very best wishes."

NPQH International participant, Sarah Newton, Deputy Head, NCBIS


I had the pleasure of studying for my NPQH (cohort 7) with the IoE Leadership CoLab. I was notified this week that I have successfully secured my NPQH, which I am really pleased about.

I just wanted to thank all the colleagues involved in the NPQH programme at the IoE, in terms of face to face sessions, the online materials and support and all the great support from you and your team. A really well run programme – thank you.

NPQH, Stephen Lawlor, Deputy Headteacher, Chelmsford County High School

"I felt it was important to write and say personally how much I enjoyed the last 3 days with you both and the rest of the cohort during the NPQH face to Face. Often, we attend courses that we can take bits and pieces from, rarely can one say that the entire course was superb and worthwhile but in this case, it was very much 3 days of extremely valuable training.  I have taken so much away from each session that I know will make a difference not just when I hopefully move into headship but right now in my current role. As presenter/facilitators, you were wonderful to work with and we as a cohort were very lucky to have you as our facilitators for this Face to Face session."

NPQH International participant

Rating – Excellent.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet other professionals to share and reflect on experiences - building a professional network.  An improvement would be a more central location.  Less theory and more practical advice on various situations.

NPQH International participant - Elizabeth Stanley, GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis, Vice Principal

Rating – Good.  I particularly enjoyed the chance to meet professionals from other schools to discuss leadership issues.

NPQH International participant - James Moyes, Doha British School, Deputy Head of Secondary

Rating – Excellent.  I particularly enjoyed collaborating with Senior Leaders from other schools who are all aspiring for Headship - also having two excellent facilitators who have been Head teachers in the UK. It was extremely beneficial to share and discuss experiences and ideas.  Further comment:  All information received up to date has been prompt and relevant. Face to Face sessions were extremely beneficial.... a very motivating two days! Thank you.

NPQH International participant - Gemma Hammond, The Children's Garden – Jumeira, Head of Early Childhood

Rating – Good.  It was good that there was some delving into research on leadership.  I thought some of the teachable moments were missed - it would have been great to get responses to questions and hear more about the experiences the facilitators had had as head teachers more. At times it seemed that just when the discussion was getting interesting we would move on.

NPQH International participant - Helen Dowse, Uptown School, Assistant Head of Secondary

Rating – Excellent.  I particularly enjoyed the arrangement of interactive and engaging activities that encouraged us to critically think and reflect upon our own practice.

NPQH International participant - Damian Graizevsky, Kings' School Al Barsha, Deputy Headteacher

Rating – Excellent.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work with new colleagues from a variety of backgrounds.  Areas of improvement - Have clearer guidance on the partner school placement arrangements, and by an earlier date. Further comments:  Being an international delegate, I feel a little worried at this stage about getting it all set up, ready to go, dates, flights booked etc, as time is moving on fast. It might be good to try and match delegates in future with schools, rather than get them to sort themselves out. I need to do some research into the schools available, and this may take some time to complete. Of course I am very capable of doing it myself, but it may make for a smoother process for all.  Just a consideration.  Also the modules in may seem late, perhaps for future, they could be done in say about Feb/March time. The ones today I feel that I have learnt a lot that I can take away and implement new ideas, ways of working for instance.    The 360 aspect seems a little un-smooth, but I think this is Colab not Infinite Learning.

A really enjoyable, well run couple of days, with lots to take away in terms of my own learning.

NPQH International participant - Sarah Newton, NCBIS, Deputy Head

Rating – Excellent.  I particularly enjoyed the lively discussions with peers and prompting and questioning by the facilitators really made me reflect and deepen my understanding. The discussions and activities were excellent and really helped to embed the strategies we were discussing.   Areas to improve on - nothing specific, I really enjoyed the two days and felt it was very beneficial. 

, I already know that going through this course will have a huge impact on me both professionally and personally in the short and long term. I am very enthusiastic to begin working on my in-school project and the placement. The face to face sessions and the lively discussions are imperative and I look forward to the next sessions.

NPQH International participant - Lisa Thorpe, Taaleem, Education Coordinator

Rating – Good.    I particularly enjoyed the chance to meet colleagues and have discussions based on theoretical and practical experiences, facilitated by Jenny and Luke. These are valued and it's a shame we have to wait for the next session in May.  Areas that can be improved - Ideally it would be good to have face to face sessions for all modules - core and elective and this was certainly what I had expected from the advertising of the course.  Although we can attend in London - there is additional financial burden especially when days are not linked.  As an overseas candidate this increases my amount of time away from school and will cause some issues.    If it's not possible to have these three further modules face to face, then having Skype/Webex discussions where we can all join in would be welcomed - as this will give us the opportunity for discussion which is essential for this course.  Jenny and Luke were excellent coaches and really made us challenge ourselves. More of this is welcomed!

NPQH International participant -  Kathryn Carter, New Cairo British International School, Head of Primary

"I feel that being able to share so much information with other participants has enabled me to refelect much more on improving the quality of teaching within my school. [...]. i think this will help me to be more targeted and focus more effectivley [...] efficiently."

NPQSL participant, Improving the quality of teaching

"I will be more developmental and less judgemental in my approach to PD and PM. I am clearer on what good teaching looks like and why it is good i.e. pupils make progress. By far and away the best facilitators i have had on the NPQSL course - very greatlful for the range and numbers of activities and the updated materials."

NPQSL participant, Improving the quality of teaching

"I have a deeper understanding of how to lead change within my own school and context. Short term - this links directly to my NPQSL project of changing behaviour for learning. Long term - develops my skills as a future senior leader. Both facilitators were very knowledgeable and inspiring. Thnak you!"

NPQSL participant, Leading Change for Improvement

" [I] gained a better understanding of middle leadership and confidence in implementing new things. Good day!"

NPQML participant, Leading Teaching

"I had the opportunity to discuss issues i have concerns over and received much support and advice. [...] The thinking time i had and 'headspace' has enabled me to begin planning my first Headship in Jan". 

Exploring Headship participant

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